Dig a Pony, A home for many.Dig A Pony, A home for many
(971) 279 4409
736 se grand ave.
portland, or
A lime dancing and sweating.

DJ & Events Calendar

Fri 10/1 - Happy Hour w/ Atom 13 - Kitchen Sink of Sonic Excellence
Fri 10/1 - VNPRT - Floor Fillers
Sat 10/2 - GHTOBLST - Everything Is Everything
Sun 10/3 - JDs Movie Massacre Double Feature! w/ Screenings of "The Blob" & "Night Of The Creeps"
Thurs 10/7 - El Dorado and Pretty Ugly - Screamin’ Soul & Rhythm & Blues
Fri 10/8 - Happy Hour w/Jeffrey Silverstein - Loner-Folk, Country, Psych & Soul
Fri 10/8 - Timothy Bee - Hiphop, R&B, Throwbacks et al.
Sat 10/9 - Maxx Bass & Supreme La Rock - Funk, Boogie, Rap, R&B  
Thurs 10/14 - Montel Spinozza - The Noise, The Funk  
Fri 10/15 - Happy Hour w/ Marti - Whatever She Wants, No One Does It Better
Fri 10/15 - DJ Warr - Slaps & Boom Baps  
Sat 10/16 -  Dirty Red - Boogie & Bangers
Sun 10/17 - Vinyl Burlesque w/ DJ Bad Wizard
Thurs 10/21 - Papi Fimbres - Latin Psych, Cumbia, Afro Funk
Fri 10/22 - Happy Hour w/ DJ Bad Wizard - Full Spectrum 80s Retro-Wave
Fri 10/22 - Honest John - The Movin & The Shakin
Sat 10/23 - Dontā - Dance Your Cares Away
Sun 10/24 - JDs Movie Massacre Double Feature! w/ Screenings of "Fright Night" & "Near Dark"
Thurs 10/28 - Boogie!w/ GHTOBLST & VNPRT
Fri 10/29 - Happy Hour w/ Hostile Tapeover Hip Hop, R&B, New Jack Swing - All on Cassette!
Fri 10/29 - HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! w/ Passports - Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife
Sat 10/30 - HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! w/ Nature - The Horror
Sun 10/31 - Closed For A Private Party - Spooky Scary.. Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves

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Foods & Drinks

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Where we're at

(971) 279 4409
736 se grand ave.
portland, or 97214
a little orange cartoon cherry, marching to the party

What we're about

Dig A Pony is an impressive barroom and hangout located in the heart of southeast Portland. The space is open and warm, inviting socially-lubricated citizens to engage in casual conversation, measured indulgence, and aggressive leisure. It’s a place where friendships, schemes, and alliances take form. It is at once a forward-thinking clubhouse, a rendezvous point, a sanctuary and an event center, designed to host both public and private gatherings in all forms and varieties. It is a place where Portlanders can create, engage, unwind, and most importantly enhance their own sense of place.

Hours of Operation
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4-2amFriday: 4-2am
Saturday: 4-2am
Sunday: 4-Midnight

Let's Talk
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